Mind that wave!

As the weather has taken a decidedly spring-like turn, we headed off to the pine forest for a walk (see my blog post here for more about the pine forest). The walk started normally enough with Gregor scampering ahead and climbing on all the rocks.

IMG_1282The sun was shinning and there a stiff breeze, enough to whip the sea up into some impressive waves crashing against the rocks



IMG_1294 IMG_1284



There is a narrow path leading to the dragon guardian rock, Richard and Gregor were just a little bit ahead of myself and Katrine when a giant wave came up and over. Completely swamping Gregor and resulting in a very wet Richard.

I didn’t get a photo of the actual wave, but here is one from a few minutes later.


And an after photo of Richard, you can see the height of the water level from Richard’s coat, which is just a bit above Gregor’s head height. (He didn’t want any photos taken – can’t blame him!) As Gregor’s coat was a  touch damp he wore mine for the rest of the soggy walk back to the car.



Daewangam Songnim

Or less impressively – the pine forest. This is a peninsular jutting out into the East Sea (Sea of Japan), next to Ilsan beach, in Dong-gu, with wonderful views. Legend has it that Queen Munma, who ruled  the Silla Region (which lasted from 57BC till 935AC!) one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea, became a Guardian Dragon after she died, which is why the rock at the end does not have any seaweed growing on it.