A grand day out

Our first outing! We decided to head to the Ulsan Grand Park, as it is nearby and promised playparks. Yesterday turned out to be rather hot (33c) so we left the apartment just before 9, hoping to avoid the worse of the heat.

It is very easy to get to the park and only a ten minute drive with, and this is a major plus here, loads of parking.

Here are Katrine and Richard as we are just starting out (Gregor was not in a photo mood today so wouldn’t pose for me at all).


Straight away we saw some squirrels scampering in the pine trees. This is a good example of my poor camera skills, I’m still using my phone until I get the computer in the shipment. Then the rubbish photos are entirely my own fault.


We headed up into the pine woods, which is fantastic place for walking. With the trees opening up for stunning views over the valley.


There were several viewing platforms to look at the views.



We also saw about half a dozen of these earth mounds with a stone ‘door’ and lintel. No idea what they are for / represent though.


We found a few adult playparks,


but the children’s one was proving hard to find.

A couple of interesting things, the paths were reasonably busy but only with adults we didn’t see any other families walking. Secondly the men we saw were dressed for walking but the women were totally covered; sunglasses, face scarf, long sleeve tops – all this in 30degree heat! (The blue dolphin is a light.)



Here I am! Not covered up at all.


After about an hour and a half walking we were all feeling the heat. Here is a very sweaty Katrine.


Fortunately, we found a woman selling ice lollies.


It also gave us a chance to look at a map, which didn’t help for 2 reasons: we couldn’t read anything on it and we didn’t know where we were at all (no ‘you are here’ arrow).


A few minutes later we came out of the woods and found a war memorial (as you do).

With a couple of planes.



Katrine and Gregor were beginning to get tired, hot and grumpy when fortunately we finally found a children’s play area.



This was 11.30 on a Sunday morning and the place was deserted, not another kid in sight.

We found another map and could now get our bearings so we could find the carpark.


Even though we were there for 3 hours we only explored a third (if that) of the park so we will we definitely be back.