Birthday girl and hamster

Katrine is 8! It was a very early start to open presents (before hair could be brushed).


Unfortunately the pet shop (which is inside the big supermarket Emart) did not open for another 4 hours so it was a long wait. We brought the cage on Friday so it was all ready to go, as you can see, katrine is very excited.


But the wait was worth it. Introducing Hamlet the hamster.


He is a very active wee fella and seems very friendly and happy to be held.


And enjoys exploring.



I had brought a cake mix in Singapore but got the oven settings wrong. Which pleased Katrine enormously as we got to go to Baskin Robins for an ice cream cake.


I was going to make pizza but couldn’t find all the ingredients so we were going to make do with bagel pizza. Except I brought chilli purée rather than tomato! So a quick trip to Pizza Hut ended a very good birthday.