We are in Baku.

On Monday we relocated to Baku. It still feels a bit unreal as this last year has been so confusing, first we were going to the UK, then Baku, then it was all off and we were staying in the UK, then possibly back on and now definetly back on and here we are!

The flight was pretty uneventful, though we were sitting at the gate for a long time as there were heavy thunderstorms in the area. But this was great at the captain invited any children on board to come up and have a look round the flight deck.

One very happy Gregor in the Captain's seat.

One very happy Gregor in the Captain’s seat.

We are staying in the Marriott this time and liking it a lot, the staff are very child friendly with lots of smiles, we have 2 connecting rooms so loads of space and great views.image

We are right next door to our old apartment, which just adds to the slightly unreal feeling about being here again. This hotel looked a lot different last time we were here!

You can really see the sand on the windows in this picture, inevitable in a semi-desert.

You can really see the sand on the windows in this picture, inevitable in a semi-desert.

Our old flat was on floor 13, so if you see where the white part of the building juts out and then go up a further 3 floors on the right hand side, that is our flat!

We spent yesterday just hanging round the hotel and lazing in the pool, where Gregor managed to gather a collection of swimming woggles and aqua-aerobic weights.  And today we are heading to Stonepay to check out our new house! I will remember to take my camera so I can post photos of where we will be living soon.

Back to back to Baku

First we were staying in Korea until July 2014, then we were moving to the UK July 2013, then we were moving straight from Korea to Baku July 2013, then we were coming back to the UK for 5 months before going to Baku December 2013, then than all fell though and we were going to stay in the UK.

Right all change again! We are now going to Baku in July 2014.


It has been a very hectic twelve months with a lot of changes in plan (and I actually don’t put them on my blog until they are very likely to happen, if I included all the maybes and possibles that is all this blog would be!). I am really positive that this time we are actually moving, all the problems that we had last year have been resolved and we are making good progress with getting everything sorted.

It has been eight years since I last lived in Azerbaijan and when we went on our recee trip in October it was clear there have been lots of changes in the city and a fair bit that was still the same. It will be really exciting to rediscover the country and get the know everything again.

The children will be going to The International School of Azerbaijan (TISA) which is an IB world school, so the same curriculum as BIFS, which we attended in Korea, so it isn’t completely unknown. it will mean another change of school but at least they have gotten a full academic year here.