Bike ride down the river

Usual when we go out for our bike ride we go up the river, towards the bamboo forest, so for a change today we decided to head down stream.

It was a shorter ride, only taking us an hour so I think we will normally head up the way, but it was nice for a change and fun to get off the main pathways.

Bike ride up the Taewha River

This sounds so much more impressive than we went for a bike ride up the river running though Ulsan. As the weather is still hot, it has cooled down to 26/27 degrees, we headed out early in the morning. Well, early for us on a weekend. we got out of the apartment just before 9. I was a bit worried about getting to the river as the traffic is hair-raising when in a car, but we stuck to back roads and Korea isn’t a morning country (Land of the morning calm and all that), so it was fairly quiet at that time, we had one major road to cross without lights and I might try and find an alternative route to avoid this.

The river path is good, there is a green path for walkers and then a grey one marked with a centre line for bikes. There was also a dirt path, which meandered about a lot more so we went on that whenever we could. There was surprisingly many people on bikes, of varying ages but again we didn’t see any other children. As with the walking, we saw women on their bikes with no skin showing at all, helmets, sunglasses, cloth covering their faces, t-shirts and then arm protectors. A lot of westerners go out of their way to get a tan, even at risk of sun burn and increased skin cancer odd, and it is the total opposite here. Good news for a pale person like me, doesn’t matter what I do I don’t tan.

I forgot I had a camera on my phone until we stopped for a water break on the bridge to cross over to the bamboo forest, the name is grander than the place, bamboo grove or outcrop would be a better description. Our plan was to go up one side of the river and back down the other.

View up river.

View down river

And this one towards the town, though the bridge supports.

The bridge had a fun spiral to get up and down, which gave me a nice picture of Katrine and Gregor.

Katrine disappearing off into the grasses.

At this point we had to leave the river as they were still cleaning up after Typhoon Sanba, last Tuesday (photos of the river in flood can be seen here).

It wasn’t as good riding on the pavement, though there was still a cycle path marked, but it wasn’t too long before we could head back down to the river, steps this time but with a useful bike ramp.

There was still a lot of cleanup being done on this side of the river, one advantage of national service is you have a large force of men to put to use when needed, (with Skyrex in the background of the second picture).



We had another set of stairs to climb to get onto the bridge home, really bad picture this one – tried to take whilst still on my bike, but, even with the finger in the way, I still like it.

We had one final set of steps to get down off the main road and onto the road home (I am sure there must be a better way than this!) This road took us past the new McDonalds at very close to lunchtime, so how could we resist the very reasonable request to get lunch.

It was a really good morning, though my bum is feeling it now!