Here be dinosaurs

Today we went a bit out of Ulsan, only 45 minute drive, to find some dinosaur footprints and the petroglyphs in Bangudae – which is one of the twelve scenic sights of Ulsan.

We had a brilliant day exploring prehistoric Korea and you got a real sense of the timescales. How cool is it to walk in the footprints of dinosaurs? It would be lovely to come back when the trees are in leaf, but there is a strong possibly that everything will be underwater then!


Daewangam Songnim

Or less impressively – the pine forest. This is a peninsular jutting out into the East Sea (Sea of Japan), next to Ilsan beach, in Dong-gu, with wonderful views. Legend has it that Queen Munma, who ruled  the Silla Region (which lasted from 57BC till 935AC!) one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea, became a Guardian Dragon after she died, which is why the rock at the end does not have any seaweed growing on it.