Article in Flik magazine

Yeah, my article about our trip to the science centre has been published in Flik magazine.



Flik is a magazine produced by HHI (Hyundai Heavy Industries), for the expats here and are based in the Foreigners compound. They are always after articles but it still very nice to see my name in print – I even get a photo! All writing experience is good and I am building up a small portfolio.

IMG_0437For my efforts I get 30,000won (about £17) of Hyundai vouchers to spend at the department store.




Also, I took some photos for a friend Karen’s yoga class – using my new camera. I am still enjoying playing with the settings, the colour selection one (black and white apart from one colour) is very fun and produces some good results.



Trip to Ulsan Science Museum

We have two days off school for Lunar New Year so decided to have our Brownie meeting today at the Ulsan Science Museum. It is a great place, and free admission, thought I have heard that it can get very busy – but not today, it was very quiet.

We were there for two hours, from when it opened at 10 till it closed for an hour for lunch at twelve (it is also closed on Mondays). This was plenty of time to see most of the museum and we didn’t feel we needed to go back after lunch. So we had a brief play in the outside playground and then headed home. There is even an explanatory leaflet in English, but you don’t really need it, it isn’t big enough to get lost.