Twelve Scenic Areas of Ulsan

Over the two years that I am here, I am going to try and tick off as many of these as I can.

  1. Four Seasons of Mt Gaji – the tallest mountain in Ulsan.
  2. Sunrise at Ganjeolgot – the earliest sunrise in the northeast Asian continent.
  3. Black Peddle Beach – where the peddles are, urm, black.
  4. Daewangam Songnim – pine forest.
  5. Naewonam Valley of Mt Daeun
  6. The night view of the Ulsan Industrial Complex – from Mt. Muryong.
  7. Bangudae – a turtle-shaped hill with petroglyphs.
  8. Eoksae plain of Mt. Sinbul – a reed plain and is one of the 100 most beautiful sights in Korea.
  9. Ulsan Sports Complex
  10. Jakgwaecheon – with a nearby Amathyst cave.
  11. Seonbawi & Simnidaebat of Taehwa River – standing rock and Bamboo forest (the oxygen tank of the city)
  12. Paraeso waterfall – a 15m high waterfall.

(If they are in blue then I have been there and it is linked to the post, if they are still black there are still on the to do list).

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